First snow in Abruzzo in 2017

In these first days of the new year, Abruzzo has been hit by an icy wind from Russia called Burian, which brought heavy snowfalls and several inconveniences to the people, from 0 m to Corno Grande‘s 2912 m of elevation above …

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Lake of Campotosto in winter

Here we publish a photo gallery of the lake of Campotosto in winter, a turquoise set in the snowy mountains’ immaculate white in the National Park of Gran Sasso and Laga Mountains.

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Snow-clad Spoltore

This photo gallery shows a snow-clad historical Spoltore after the early February 2012’s heavy snow falls.

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Thaw in Vallelunga, Pescara

After the early February’s heavy snowfalls, in fine weather the effects of “thaw” are evident in the deep erosion of the sandy banks of the Vallelunga stream near its mouth. The water flow has considerably increased. Its waters’ clearness recalls …

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Alcyone free Beach in winter, Pescara

The extraordinary snow falls of early February 2012 has given us unique images of a snow-clad Pescara coast. Where the beach encounters the Vallelunga stream and pine grove, the wonder of snow conveys Siberian fascinations.

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Snow-clad trees and plants, Pescara

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