Port of Vasto


The port of Vasto is located in Vasto, in locality Punta Penna, south of the Nature Reserve of Punta Aderci. With a basin of 90.000 mq, 5 quays and an average depth of 5 m, it harbours a considerable fishing …

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Monument to the Bather, Vasto


The monument to the bather is a bronze statue 3 m tall and 500 kg heavy. Made by the sculptor Aldo D’Adamo from Ortona, it was placed on a stack in the sea north of Vasto Marina, between the sandy …

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D’Avalos Palace, Vasto


D’Avalos Palace is situated in the historic centre of Vasto, in Lucio Valerio Pudente square. It was built up under Marquis Giacomo Caldora in XIV century. In XV century it became an estate of d’Avalos family. It was pillaged by …

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Libertini beach, Vasto


The Libertini beach is located in Vasto, in Punta Aderci Guided Nature Reserve, south of the cape. It can be reached on foot from the sandy beach of Punta Penna or descending the 80 steps from the gravelly road leading …

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Caldoresco Castle, Vasto


The Caldoresco Castle is located in Barbacani Square, in the historic centre of Vasto. Built up in XIV-XV century, it was modified in 1439 under Giacomo Caldora, Marquis of Vasto. In XV century it became estate of d’Avalos family which …

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Province of Chieti


The Province of Chieti is the second-broadest province in Abruzzo. It is made up of 104 municipalities. A wild boar is its symbol. The capital town is the very ancient city of Chieti, the Murrucina town of Teate. The provincial …

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