Trabocco La Mucchiola, Ortona

The Trabocco La Mucchiola is located on the Ortona–San Vito Marina border, opposite the Mucchiola promontory, near the Nature Reserve of Punta dell’Acquabella. It is the last trabocco in Ortona of the 9 that were there in the past. It …

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Postcards from Pescara

The colours of a summer sunset give wonderful postcards of the seaside of Pescara.

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Trabocchi Coast

The Trabocchi Coast was named from the trabocco, the ancient fishing machine that features the coast of Chieti from Ortona to San Salvo. The breathtaking beauty of this part of the Abruzzo coast, with its heterogeneous environments, its precious flora …

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Pier, San Vito Marina

The pier of San Vito Marina streches out into the Adriatic sea with its peculiar traboccoes.

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Trabocco Punta Fornace, San Vito Marina

The Trabocco Punta Fornace is located in San Vito Marina, north of the Rocco Mancini free beach. It was named from the old brick-kiln, today abandoned, in the cluster of houses behind. The owner of the trabocco, Antonio Verì, has …

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D’Annunzio Hermitage

D’Annunzio Hermitage is located in San Vito Chietino, along the road SS 16, past the district of San Vito Marina, southward. It rises on the D’Annunzio promontory. The famous poet Gabriele D’Annunzio spent there a part of the summer 1889 …

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