Sailing in Pineto

The absence of breakwater barriers in front of the Pineto beach makes possible to go sailing without excessive worries and enjoy the magnificent scenery of Cerrano green hills and lush pine grove.

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Park Filiani, Pineto

Planted by Luigi Corrado Filiani in the ’30s to drain the old clay quarry, Park Filiani opened in Pineto on 21/11/10 after 5 years work. It is a real ecological monument made possible by the brilliant establishment of Pineto and …

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Spring Beach, Pineto

In spring, a tourist can enjoy the wonderful beach of Pineto in the Tower of Cerrano Marine Protected Area without rows of beach umbrellas or sunbeds.

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Province of Teramo

The Province of Teramo is made up of 47 municipalities. It is washed by the Adriatic Sea to east, it borders Marche region to north, the Province of Pescara to southeast, the Province of L’Aquila to southwest and Lazio region …

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Cerrano Tower, Pineto

The Cerrano Tower (Cerrano is the name of the nearby stream which flows into the Adriatic sea) is situated in the municipal territory of Pineto. It is an ancient tower, erected first in 1287, then rebuilt in XV century under …

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Silvi Marina

Silvi Marina (approximately 15,000 inhabitants) is located in the province of Teramo. It extends for 6 km from Marina di Città Sant’Angelo to Pineto, between the river Piomba and the Cerrano Tower, at the foot of the medieval village of …

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