Melchiorre Delfico Province Library, Teramo

The gorgeous eighteenth-century palace of Delfico family, located in Teramo’s city centre in Delfico street n. 16, houses the Melchiorre Delfico Province Library since 2004. Made up of three floors, it boasts over 300.000 volumes, including many ancient books, manuscripts …

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Melchiorre Delfico, Teramo

Melchiorre Delfico (Montorio al Vomano 1744, Teramo 1835) was one of the most famous men of learning from Abruzzo in the whole Kingdom of Naples in the period of greatest cultural activities between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. He was …

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Archaeological Museum, Teramo

The archaeological museum F. Savini is located in Teramo in Delfico street, on the ground floor of a building which was the church of San Carlo in the early 1600s and Teramo’s courthouse in 1800. The museum summarises with a …

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Gianni Di Venanzo, Teramo

Gianni Di Venanzo, born in Teramo on December 18, 1920, was director of photography of the greatest films of the Italian cinema. He worked with all the major directors who, in the heyday of the postwar period until the Sixties, …

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Statue of Sor Paolo Proconsul, Teramo

The statue of Sor Paolo Proconsul is located in Teramo in Largo Proconsole, by the church of Santo Spirito. It is the ancient statue (I century BC) of a very influential Roman patrician who ruled in once Interamnia (today Teramo).

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Church of San Domenico, Teramo

The church of San Domenico is located in Teramo, in corso di Porta Romana. Erected in early 1300 with the annexed convent, it is made up of one long nave which ends into a choir. The walls are richly frescoed. …

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