Small atolls, Rocca San Giovanni

North of the trabocco Spezza Catena and a nameless one, along the coast of Rocca San Giovanni, there are numerous breathtaking cliffs and coves. The coast is characterized by huge blocks of clastic rocks and sandstones that make the visitors …

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Blue Flags 2013, Abruzzo

The Blue Flags 2013 in Abruzzo are 14 like in 2012, with the exclusion of the Lake of Scanno and the inclusion of Francavilla al Mare compared to 2012. As usual, no beach in the province of Pescara was awarded, …

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Nature Reserve Ripari di Giobbe, Ortona

The Regional Nature Reserve Ripari di Giobbe is located in Ortona, north of the city, in the hamlet and seaside resort of the same name. The protected area, established in 2007, extends over 28 hectares of cliff up to 65 …

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Sea birds, Montesilvano

A canoe ride in the sea in front of Montesilvano on a warm October afternoon gave wonderful pictures of birds that use the breakwaters as stopping areas along migratory routes or to escape the intrusiveness of man. In addition to …

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October Sea, Pineto

This wonderful October Saturday in Pineto showed the visitors of the Tower of Cerrano Marine Protected Area a crystal clear sea and a clear-blue sky, unforgettable postcards of a special day.

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Sea anemone

Sea anemone belongs to the order of actinaria, predatory animals that live anchored to the sea bottom or on superficial rocks. They hunt on invertebrates and small fish thanks to their tentacles with cnidocytes, urticant for the man as well. …

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