Trabocco Punta Tufano

The Trabocco Punta Tufano in Rocca San Giovanni has gone past the different phases of reconstruction and restoration that trabocchi need by strictly following traditional techniques. This characteristic makes it an original restaurant. It is a unique experience to taste …

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Small atolls, Rocca San Giovanni

North of the trabocco Spezza Catena and a nameless one, along the coast of Rocca San Giovanni, there are numerous breathtaking cliffs and coves. The coast is characterized by huge blocks of clastic rocks and sandstones that make the visitors …

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Vallevò pine grove, Rocca San Giovanni

Vallevò pine grove is situated in the municipal area of Rocca San Giovanni, on a hilltop that overlooks the Adriatic sea. It is a remarkable green area, a destination for the many visitors looking for nature and peace, a shady trail …

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Church of San Matteo, Rocca San Giovanni

The Church of San Matteo is situated in Rocca San Giovanni in Piazza degli Eroi (Heroes’ Square). Its edifice of Romanesque origin is a remake of the bigger abbey of San Giovanni in Venere. Between XIV and XV century the …

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Norman Bastion, Rocca San Giovanni

The Bastion is a part of the Norman walls in Rocca San Giovanni.

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Trabocchi Coast

The Trabocchi Coast was named from the trabocco, the ancient fishing machine that features the coast of Chieti from Ortona to San Salvo. The breathtaking beauty of this part of the Abruzzo coast, with its heterogeneous environments, its precious flora …

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