River Tavo


The Tavo river rises in the Gran Sasso massif, in the locality Pietrattina, and flows for 61 km in the province of Pescara to Congiunti, in the municipality of Collecorvino, where it joins the river Fino to form the Saline. …

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Nature Reserve of Capo Pescara


The Nature Reserve of Capo Pescara is in Popoli. Set up in 1986, it is 49 hectares wide and comprises a vast area of sources, about 60, situated along the path that runs by the small lake from which the …

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Orfento Valley


The Orfento Valley is a very beautiful hike across Majella massif, along the canyons carved in the mountain by the Orfento river, surrounded by luxurious woods and breathtaking peaks in Majella National Park. The hike goes from Caramanico Terme to …

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Canoe excursions on Tirino


The Cooperative Il Bosso organizes canoes excursions on the Tirino, considered the most beautiful Italian river, the best way to relax one’s mind and body. Clear water, luxurious greenery and a rich wildlife feature this fabolous tour. Starting from the …

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Tirino River


The Tirino river springs out from three sources, Capo d’Acqua, Presciano and the little lake by Capestrano, from which it derives its name of “triple sources”, even though the only effective source is that one in Capo d’Acqua. The river …

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Nora river


The Nora river, a tributary of the Pescara river on the left, flows for 28 km in the Province of Pescara from its springs on the mount Scarafano to Vallemare, through the municipal areas of Carpineto della Nora, Villa Celiera, …

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