Bungee jumping from Salle Bridge


Since our blog has been opened, most of the questions we received were about whether it was possible to practice bungee jumping from Salle Bridge. Finally we can answer yes (with a 90 m jump!) to our followers, thanks to …

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Lombard castle, Spoltore


The acropolis of Spoltore is marked by the ruins of a Lombard castle dating back to the 11th century. The three remaining towers, the South Tower, the West Tower and the South-East Bastion, delimit the current viewpoint, once a lookout …

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Site of Community Importance Rupe di Turrivalignani


The Site of Community Importance (SCI) Rupe di Turrivalignani e fiume Pescara (Cliff of Turrivalignani and Pescara river) is located in the province of Pescara in the municipalities of Manoppello, Turrivalignani and Alanno. The presence of the lanner falcon, nesting …

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Towns of Olive Oil, Province of Pescara


The Towns of Olive Oil in the Province of Pescara are Loreto Aprutino, Pianella and Moscufo. They are all located in the Vestin area, between the Tavo and the Pescara rivers, 20 km far from the coastline. Soft hills, for …

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Gorges of Popoli


The gorges of Popoli or Tremonti are at the northern end of the Peligna Valley, in the Province of Pescara. In the past they were called the “Key of the Three Abruzzi” for their strategic importance for communications between the …

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Church of San Michele, Montesilvano Colle


The church of San Michele Arcangelo is located in Montesilvano Colle. Edificated on the Roman temple of Heracles, it was turned into a church-fortress which dominated the tratturo and the saltworks (saline in Italian, like the Saline river), still representing …

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