Flight from Pescara


A few days after signing the armistice with the Anglo-American forces, the King of Italy, Vittorio Emanuele III, fled from Rome at dawn on September 9, 1943 with Queen Elena, Prince Umberto and some General Staff officers, including Marshal Badoglio, …

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Battle of Ortona


The town of Ortona was called the Little Stalingrad because of the bloody battle, house by house, block by block, that was fought there in World War II. After September 9, 1943, on the same day the royal family embarked …

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Port of Ortona


With his five piers and a depth of about 7 metres, the port of Ortona is the major port in Abruzzo. It is 20 km from Pescara, 178 km from Ancona, 251 km from Rome and 279 from Bari. It …

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Lido dei Saraceni, Ortona


Lido dei Saraceni (Saracens beach) in Ortona is a sandy beach that lies between the port on the north and Punta dell’Acquabella on the south. It is made up of three beach clubs (Eldorado, Dea Venere, Acapulco) and one free …

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Aragonese Castle, Ortona


The Aragonese Castle was erected in XV century to defend Ortona in the war against Venice, though it is believed by many scholars that its architect, Giacomo Caldora, had only to strengthen a more ancient fortress, instead of erecting a …

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Province of Chieti


The Province of Chieti is the second-broadest province in Abruzzo. It is made up of 104 municipalities. A wild boar is its symbol. The capital town is the very ancient city of Chieti, the Murrucina town of Teate. The provincial …

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