Wounded heaven


The terrible fire of August 2013 in the Nature Reserve Ripari di Giobbe caused the loss of many hectares of Mediterranean shrub, green frame of the wonderful Ortona’s cliff. Bare of vegetation, some parts of the hill in Punta di …

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Flight from Pescara


A few days after signing the armistice with the Anglo-American forces, the King of Italy, Vittorio Emanuele III, fled from Rome at dawn on September 9, 1943 with Queen Elena, Prince Umberto and some General Staff officers, including Marshal Badoglio, …

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Margaret of Austria


Margaret of Austria was the illegitimate daughter of Charles V, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, King of Italy and Archduke of Austria. She was born in Oudenaarde in Flanders on 28th December 1522, and died in Ortona on 18th …

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Battle of Ortona


The town of Ortona was called the Little Stalingrad because of the bloody battle, house by house, block by block, that was fought there in World War II. After September 9, 1943, on the same day the royal family embarked …

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Ripari di Giobbe for free


From early July 2013 the municipal administration of Ortona reopened the public and free access to the enchanting gravelly bay Ripari di Giobbe, a regional nature reserve. In addition, prior to arrival at the campsite, the tourists can park in …

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Museum of the Battle, Ortona


The Museum of the Battle (MUBA) is located in Ortona in via Garibaldi, in the former convent of Sant’Anna which wwas seriously damaged during the battle of Ortona. Set up in 2002, it is made up of three exhibition rooms, dedicated to civilians, …

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