Orfento Valley


The Orfento Valley is a very beautiful hike across Majella massif, along the canyons carved in the mountain by the Orfento river, surrounded by luxurious woods and breathtaking peaks in Majella National Park. The hike goes from Caramanico Terme to …

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Nature Reserve of the Lake of San Domenico, Villalago


The Nature Reserve of the Lake of San Domenico is about 30 hectares wide. It is made up of two areas: the Lake of San Domenico, with the hermitage of San Domenico, a pic-nic park and the sources of the …

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Shore of Borsacchio, Roseto degli Abruzzi


The shore of Borsacchio, which takes its name from the Borsacchio stream, is located in Cologna Spiaggia, a district of Roseto degli Abruzzi. The characteristics of this relatively natural stretch of Teramo’s coastline led Abruzzo Region to institute there in …

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