Orsini Castle, Alba Fucens


The Orsini Castle rises at the foot of Mount Velino on a summit overlooking the ancient city of Alba Fucens and via Tiburtina Valeria. Built by the Counts of Albe, it was destroyed by Charles of Anjou in the second …

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Church of San Pietro, Massa d’Albe


The church of San Pietro rises on the hill wherein the temple of Apollo was located in the Roman city of Alba Fucens, in today’s municipal territory of Massa d’Albe. Erected in 866 by Benedictines reusing material of Roman origin, …

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Alba Fucens, Massa d’Albe


The archaeological site of Alba Fucens is situated in the village of Alba, about 7 km far from Avezzano, in the municipal territory of Massa d’Albe in the Sirente-Velino Regional Park Founded by the Romans in 304 BC on a …

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