Port of Giulianova


The port of Giulianova has an ancient history dating back to the time of Pretuzi and then Romans. Periods of wealth followed periods of decline, until the port took the current aspect in the 20th century, hosting one of the …

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Mautica Sas


Mautica Sas is a tour operator based in Montesilvano, specialized in short cruises in the Adriatic on modern and fast cruising boats that can accommodate 8-10 passengers. The planned routes in Adriatic are the Trabocchi Coast and Pineto (Abruzzo), Gargano, …

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Great Crested Grebe


The great crested grebe is widely spread in Central Europe. During cold winters it migrates southward. It lives in lakes and coastal waters. Its plumage is brighter and its auricular tufts are longer in spring than in winter. It eats …

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Pine grove, Montesilvano Colle


Crossing the coastal conurbation, many people wonder about the origin of the name of Montesilvano Spiaggia, unable to see any sylvan mount (Montesilvano). One just has to walk or drive Togliatti street in the direction of Montesilvano Colle to find …

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Montesilvano Colle


The village of Montesilvano Colle, detached from the more renowned Montesilvano Spiaggia, the coastal part of Montesilvano, overlooks the Adriatic Sea from a hilltop. Its name comes from Latin and means Sylvan Mount, because of the pine groves that covered …

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Marina, Pescara


The Marina of Pescara was set up in ‘80s on the initiative of a group of entrepreneurs and the Chamber of Commerce of Pescara. Today it is the third marina for number of berths in Italy after Savona and Naples. …

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