Maiella Brigade

In 1943 the Abruzzo’s insurgents who formed the first brigades against the German occupiers in the villages of the Aventino valley, near the Majella mountains and crossed by the Gustav line, were called bandits. They were pursued by the soldiers …

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Mother Mountain

Majella is the “mother mountain” of Abruzzo peoples, inhabited by humans since prehistoric times, place of pagan spirituality first and Christian monasteries and hermitages then. Its name derived from the Goddess Maja that, according to the legend, landed at the …

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Lake of Sant’Angelo, Casoli

The Lake of Sant’Angelo or Lake of Casoli is located in the municipal area of Casoli, in a very suggestive landscape, with views of the eastern slope of the Majella. It is an artificial lake, formed in 1958 by a …

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Genova Castle, Salle

Genova Castle is of Lombard origin, dating back from the 10th century or so. It is located in Salle on the top of a relief that dominates the valley of the Orta river, with views of the Majella and Morrone. …

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Postcards from Pescara

The colours of a summer sunset give wonderful postcards of the seaside of Pescara.

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Caramanico Terme

Caramanico Terme (about 2.000 inhabitants), one of the most beautiful Italian villages, is in the Province of Pescara, 613 m above sea level, in Majella National Park. It is situated in between the valleys of Orfento and Orta rivers, on …

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