Bungee jumping from Salle Bridge


Since our blog has been opened, most of the questions we received were about whether it was possible to practice bungee jumping from Salle Bridge. Finally we can answer yes (with a 90 m jump!) to our followers, thanks to …

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Abbey of Santo Spirito al Morrone, Sulmona


The Abbey of Santo Spirito al Morrone (Holy Spirit in Morrone) or Morronese Abbey is located in Sulmona in the Badia hamlet, 5 km from the city of art and close to hermitage of Sant’Onofrio al Morrone and the shrine …

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Bolognano, in the province of Pescara, is a village located in the Orta Valley regional reserve and in the Majella National Park, an area full of prehistoric sites deep in an amazing natural primordial-flavoured scenery, now famous for its excellent …

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Paleolithic Ecomuseum, Abbateggio


Yesterday it was the inauguration of the Paleolithic Ecomuseum in the Giumentina Valley, in the municipal territory of Abbateggio. This is the recreation of a prehistoric village in a place of exceptional archaeological interest. For years, French and Italian researchers …

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Fara San Martino


Fara San Martino is located in the province of Chieti, on the eastern slopes of the Majella massif. The name Fara is Lombard. The village is the centre of a Nature Reserve which includes the Gorges of San Martino and …

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La Valle trail, Bocca di Valle


La Valle trail is in the Majella National Park. Bocca di Valle, an hamlet of Guardiagrele at 756 meters above sea level, is the departure and arrival point in 1,30 hour hike. The trail follows the Vesola stream. The place …

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