Diocletian Bridge, Lanciano


The Diocletian bridge is located in Lanciano, between Piazza Plebiscito and Largo Paolo Tasso. Its construction, a brick and stonework, dates back to III century BC, even if it was modified over the centuries. One modification was the reduction of …

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Torri Montanare, Lanciano


The Montanare towers of Lanciano are a remnant of the ancient walls of the 11th century, consisting of two towers: a watch tower inside the walls and a massive tower of 15th century on the outside corner. It is not …

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Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, Lanciano


The church of Santa Maria Maggiore is located in Lanciano in the ancient district Civitanova. Its construction dates back to 1227 on the ruins of a previous church built on a temple of Apollo, although the majestic Gothic façade was …

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Fountain of Borgo, Lanciano


The fountain of Borgo is located in Lanciano in the Borgo district, next to the bus park. It dates back to the XVI century. The brick and stone structure consists of a gable pediment with six masks of human faces …

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Lanciano (about 36.000 inhabitants) is situated in the Province of Chieti. It is 265 m above sea level, about 10 km from the Adriatic Sea. The legend has it that Lanciano was founded in 1181 BC by Solima, exile from …

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Province of Chieti


The Province of Chieti is the second-broadest province in Abruzzo. It is made up of 104 municipalities. A wild boar is its symbol. The capital town is the very ancient city of Chieti, the Murrucina town of Teate. The provincial …

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