Scanno, one of the most beautiful Italian villages, owes its charm to a lucky combination of natural, cultural and historical factors. First of all the lake, picturesque and crystal-clear, of glacial origins. The territory, on the border of the Abruzzo, …

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Lake of Scanno at the sunset

A photo album of the Lake of Scanno at the sunset on Sunday 14th November 2010, in St. Martin’s summer.

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Church of the Madonna of the Lake, Scanno

The ancient history of Scanno and the Lake of Scanno is represented by the church of the Madonna of the Lake, built up in late XVII century, which straddles the statal road 479 from Sulmona. There is a wonderful view …

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Province of L’Aquila

The Province of L’Aquila, with its 108 municipalities, is the broadest but least densely populated in Abruzzo. It borders the province of Teramo to north, the provinces of Pescara and Chieti to east, Molise to southeast and Lazio to west. …

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