Pietraferrazzana, just over a hundred souls, is located at 357 m of altitude, in the province of Chieti. From its position at the foot of the rock from which it took its name, it overlooks the valley of Sangro and …

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Bomba is situated in the province of Chieti, near the lake of Bomba. It rises on a hilltop that dominates the Sangro river valley. Its main monuments are: the church of Santa Maria del Popolo (St. Maria of the People), …

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Province of Chieti


The Province of Chieti is the second-broadest province in Abruzzo. It is made up of 104 municipalities. A wild boar is its symbol. The capital town is the very ancient city of Chieti, the Murrucina town of Teate. The provincial …

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Lake of Bomba


The Lake of Bomba is a man-made lake, made in 1962 from the barrage of the river Sangro by a dirt dike (the first in Europe) to produce electricity. It is about 7 km long, 1,5 km wide and about …

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Pennadomo is in the Province of Chieti. It rises on a rocky spur that dominates the valley of the San Leo stream, tributary of the Sangro river, and the lake of Bomba. Human settlements in the area of Pennadomo date …

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Sangro River


The Sangro is the second river in Abruzzo, 122 km long. Despite the intense exploitation of its waters for irrigation, industrial use and production of hydroelectric power, the stream is still in good condition from an ecological point of view. …

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