Oasis of the Kentish Plover, Pescara


At the end of May, thanks to WWF Abruzzo and the Coast Guard of Pescara, the oasis of the Kentish plover was established, including the dunes of the Madonnina beach, by the north pier of the port of Pescara and …

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Sea birds, Montesilvano


A canoe ride in the sea in front of Montesilvano on a warm October afternoon gave wonderful pictures of birds that use the breakwaters as stopping areas along migratory routes or to escape the intrusiveness of man. In addition to …

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Coastal Biotope, Martinsicuro


The Martinsicuro and Villarosa coastal biotope was established in 1988 to preserve the dune ecosystem of Martinsicuro shore, between the rivers Tronto and Vibrata. Noticeable plant species are sea mullein, euphorbia, European sea rocket and medicago maritima. Kentish plover regularly …

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Kentish plover


The Kentish plover (Charadrius Alexandrinus) is a small thin-billed and long-legged wader long about 16 cm. The plumage of upper parts is light brown, while the under parts are white. The black mask across the eyes and two black spots …

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