Flora, Campo Imperatore


Campo Imperatore Alpine Botanical Garden was founded in 1952 to protect, cultivate and study about 300 species indigenous mountainous plants. The most rare and endangered are: Vaccinium gaultherioides, Yellow Gentiana, (Gentiana lutea), Edelweiss of the Apennines (Leontopodium nivale), and Adonis …

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Sleeping Beauty


The Sleeping Beauty is the profile of Gran Sasso d’Italia viewed at sunset from Pescara and Montesilvano, where the perspective makes possible to admire the Corno Grande and the Mount Camicia lined up to form respectively the face and breast …

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Fino river


The Fino river rises on Mount Tremoggia, in the Gran Sasso massif, at 1200 m above sea level. It flows about 25 km in the Province of Teramo in the municipal areas of Arsita, Bisenti, Castiglione Messer Raimondo, Montefino e …

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Church of Santa Maria della Pietà, Calascio


By Rocca Calascio, on the path to Santo Stefano di Sessanio, there is the Church of Santa Maria della Pietà (St. Mary of Mercy), erected between XVI and XVII century on the spot where, legend has it, the local people …

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Pescosansonesco (about 500 inhabitants) is located in the Province of Pescara, on the south-eastern side of Gran Sasso. Old Pesco was destroyed by a rockslide in 1934. It is the most stunning part of the village, wherein the ruins of …

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Province of Teramo


The Province of Teramo is made up of 47 municipalities. It is washed by the Adriatic Sea to east, it borders Marche region to north, the Province of Pescara to southeast, the Province of L’Aquila to southwest and Lazio region …

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