Raffaele Mattioli, Vasto


Raffaele Mattioli was born in Vasto on March 20, 1895. He was primarily a brave financier, but also a generous patron of the arts and an economist of study and action: a truly amazing figure. Mattioli emerged in the world …

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Ferdinando Galiani, Chieti


The Abbot Ferdinando Galiani was an eminent economist, writer and philosopher of the Age of Enlightenment. He was born in Chieti in 1728 but studied in Naples in contact with famous intellectuals such as Giambattista Vico and Antonio Genovesi. He …

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Federico Caffè, Pescara


Federico Caffè was an eminent economist. Born in Pescara on January 6, 1914, he presumably died in Rome in April 1987 in unknown circumstances. He taught at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Rome and, although having held …

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