Avezzano Railway Station


The Avezzano railway station is located in Piazza Matteotti. It was built in 1888 and destroyed by the 1915 Avezzano earthquake. Rebuilt in 1945, after World War II, it is the main railway station in Marsica, along the railroads Rome-Sulmona–Pescara …

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Vito Taccone, Avezzano


Vito Taccone (Avezzano, 1940-2007) was the first great cyclist from South Italy. He was loved for his humble origins and his determination, but criticized for some aspects of his full-blooded and cantankerous temper. He stepped into the sport limelight in …

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Villa Torlonia, Avezzano


Villa Torlonia is located in Avezzano, in Piazza Torlonia, in front of park Torlonia. It was built in 1800s by the Torlonia family, a very rich family from Rome which had extensive estates in Fucino. The reconstruction of the villa …

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Nature Reserve Mount Salviano


The Regional Nature Reserve Mount Salviano is located in the municipal territory of Avezzano, next to the Sirente-Velino National Park. Established in 1999, it preserves 722 ha of the mount that dominates Avezzano, the last peak of mountainous range coming …

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Orsini Castle, Avezzano


The Orsini Castle is located in Avezzano. It was erected in 1490 under Gentile Virginio Orsini. Heavily damaged by the 1915’s earthquake, it still shows four imposing cylindrical towers and the monumental portal, wanted by the Colonna family to celebrate …

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Avezzano (about 42.000 inhabitants) is located in the Province of L’Aquila at 695 m above sea level. It is the capital of Marsica, an area including the drained basin of the Fucine lake and a wide strip of land all …

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