Bungee jumping from Salle Bridge


Since our blog has been opened, most of the questions we received were about whether it was possible to practice bungee jumping from Salle Bridge. Finally we can answer yes (with a 90 m jump!) to our followers, thanks to …

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Cronoscalata Svolte di Popoli


The Cronoscalata Svolte di Popoli (Hill climbing of Popoli’s Turns) is a car race for cars of different categories which takes place every year since 1963 along the 7.5 kilometers of switchbacks that from Popoli lead to the Navelli Plateau. …

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Trofeo Matteotti, Pescara


The Trofeo Matteotti is a single-day road bicycle race that takes place in Pescara in the middle of summer. It was organized in 1945 thanks to the commitment and determination of Fulvio Perna, who wanted to give the competition a …

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Sailing School Quadrante Dannunziano, Pescara


In Pescara, by the Sea Bridge, there is the Sailing School “Quadrante Dannunziano” by the Italian Naval Club –Section of Pescara. The boats sail in the part of the sea in front of the Sea Arena, the public beach by …

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Juan Manuel Fangio


Juan Manuel Fangio was considered, in the world of motor racing, the greatest driver ever. He was Argentinian since he was born in Balcarce in 1911, but his blood was from Abruzzo. His parents were from the province of Chieti. …

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Vito Taccone, Avezzano


Vito Taccone (Avezzano, 1940-2007) was the first great cyclist from South Italy. He was loved for his humble origins and his determination, but criticized for some aspects of his full-blooded and cantankerous temper. He stepped into the sport limelight in …

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