Faraone Antico


Faraone Antico is the gorgeous hamlet of Sant’Egidio alla Vibrata, in the Province of Teramo. The fortified village, deserted after an earthquake in the 1960s, derives its name from the Lombard word fara = village. To enter the village you …

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 Montone, gorgeous hamlet of Mosciano Sant’Angelo, rises on a hill 5 km from Mosciano S.A., on the road to Giulianova. Three brick towers (clock tower, central tower and south-west tower) are left of the old fortifications, whose first construction dates …

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Melchiorre Delfico Province Library, Teramo


The gorgeous eighteenth-century palace of Delfico family, located in Teramo’s city centre in Delfico street n. 16, houses the Melchiorre Delfico Province Library since 2004. Made up of three floors, it boasts over 300.000 volumes, including many ancient books, manuscripts …

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Mosciano Sant’Angelo


Mosciano Sant’Angelo is a small town of about 10,000 inhabitants in the province of Teramo. It is located on a hill overlooking the valleys of Salinello and Tordino rivers. Today only six towers remain of the ancient walls that surrounded …

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Salinello Tower, Giulianova


The Salinello Tower is located in Giulianova Lido, on the west side of the SS16 Adriatic Road. When the coast was deserted, it overlooked the mouth of the Salinello river and the opposite stretch of the Adriatic sea. Along with …

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Melchiorre Delfico, Teramo


Melchiorre Delfico (Montorio al Vomano 1744, Teramo 1835) was one of the most famous men of learning from Abruzzo in the whole Kingdom of Naples in the period of greatest cultural activities between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. He was …

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