Statue of Sor Paolo Proconsul, Teramo

The statue of Sor Paolo Proconsul is located in Teramo in Largo Proconsole, by the church of Santo Spirito. It is the ancient statue (I century BC) of a very influential Roman patrician who ruled in once Interamnia (today Teramo).

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Monument to the Bather, Vasto

The monument to the bather is a bronze statue 3 m tall and 500 kg heavy. Made by the sculptor Aldo D’Adamo from Ortona, it was placed on a stack in the sea north of Vasto Marina, between the sandy …

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Mezzopreti Palace, Pescara

Mezzopreti Palace is a neoclassic building in Liberty style located in Pescara, Via Leopoldo Muzi 5. It houses the Luisa D’Annunzio Academy of Music (tel. +39 0854219950; fax +39 0854214341).

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Salle Bridge

The Salle Bridge is located in Majella National Park, on the road between San Tommaso, part of Caramanico Terme, and Salle, in the Province of Pescara. Built in the early 50s, it is a single-span bridge that straddles a spectacular …

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Farnese Palace, Ortona

Farnese Palace is located in Ortona, in front of Belvedere. It was erected in 1586 for want of Margaret of Austria, Charles V’s daughter, on a project by Giacomo della Porta. The late-Renaissance-edifice measured 49,70 metres each side. In 1782 …

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Tholos (pl. tholoi) is an ogival stone hut. In Abruzzo, monumental tholoi are located on the Majella massif, especially in the Giumentina Valley, in Abbateggio and Roccamorice municipal territories. They were historically used as huts for shepherds or dairy. The …

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