Costantino Barbella art museum, Chieti

Located in the ancient Palazzo Martinetti, formerly a Jesuit convent, in the old town of Chieti, the Costantino Barbella Art Museum, named after the local sculptor, hosts a wide collection of artworks ranging from the fourteenth century to the present.

The collection, which began in the nineteenth century on the initiative of far-sighted residents, under the patronage of local authorities, has gradually enriched with artworks of great value and at such an extension that the current museum structures cannot contain them all. The most famous and prestigious regional, national and international artists are represented with works of various styles and expressions.

It would be too long to quote even only the most famous names, but you can find an answer to your curiosity by visiting the museum from Tuesday to Saturday and on the first Sunday of the month in the morning. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the museum is open also in the afternoon. Admission is free.

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