Live Nativity Scene, Rivisondoli

Rivisondoli boasts its primacy for live nativity scenes in Abruzzo for consolitated tradition and accuracy of details. The sacred performance of the 5th January is now part of the Piano delle Cinque Miglia tourist winter offer, but even the villagers get emotional during it. At the end of World War II, the local community wanted to exorcise the horrors of the conflict with a rite of reconciliation. In fact in neighbouring Pietransieri it was perpetrated one of the most absurd massacres of civilians by the Nazi occupiers, and the only girl survived to the massacre was symbolically chosen to play the role of the Madonna, as a sign of rebirth of the community. Today the role of the Virgin Mary is the subject of competition, and the last newborn in the village plays the role of the Baby Jesus.

Special thanks to Mr. Mario Tavone for these breathtaking pictures.

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