Scanno, one of the most beautiful Italian villages, owes its charm to a lucky combination of natural, cultural and historical factors. First of all the lake, picturesque and crystal-clear, of glacial origins. The territory, on the border of the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park, includes many places of environmental and tourist interest such as the Sagittario Gorges, Passo Godi and Monte Rotondo. The latters are also tourist and ski resorts. The Marsican brown bear lives in the area and sometimes appears also in Scanno’s alleys.

The medieval urban structure is made up of a tangle of alleys with many elegant mansions and for this reason the village attracts a lot of photographers and painters of international fame. The main church is Santa Maria della Valle, but at least other ten churches are located in the town centre and in its surroundings, such as the picturesque church of the Madonna of the Lake.

Unique and surprising is the costume of Scanno’s women, recalling something arabesque in its draperies and headgear. This dress, adorned with laces and jewels, made by the excellent local lace and goldsmith’s art, is still worn and not only in ceremonial occasions.

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