Faraone Antico

Faraone Antico is the gorgeous hamlet of Sant’Egidio alla Vibrata, in the Province of Teramo. The fortified village, deserted after an earthquake in the 1960s, derives its name from the Lombard word fara = village. To enter the village you have to go through a small bridge with a dirt road – once a drawbridge – and a fine portal surmounted by a castellated tower. Particularly noteworthy are the almost intact walls, perhaps dating back to 1467 as reads an inscription on an ancient stone in the portal, which is visible beside the coat of arms of Generoso Cornacchia from Civitella del Tronto, depicting a crow above a tower with the date 1511 between the letters G and C. Other places of interest are the church of Santa Maria delle Misericordie and the Farina barons palace in the centre.

We believe that transforming Faraone Antico in a widespread hotel is the only way to preserve and give back this marvellous village to Abruzzo’s cultural heritage.

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