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Palace of the Cantelmo Dukes, Pettorano sul Gizio

The elegant Palace of the Cantelmo Dukes is located in the centre of Pettorano sul Gizio, aligned with the castle. The building was home of the feudal family which ruled the village for centuries. It is U-shaped and currently houses …

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The Marruccini lived in the lands from the short stretch of coast between the rivers Pescara (once Aternum) and Foro to the Gorges of Popoli. The name derives from the use of these peoples to plant defensive thickets of Jerusalem …

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Naturale fiera del vino artigianale, Navelli

DinamicheBio Cultural Association invites you to attend the 3rd edition of NATURALE, Fiera del vino artigianale (NATURAL, home-made wine fair), a fair of wine and local products of excellence, which will be held on 10th and 11th May in Navelli, …

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