Melchiorre Delfico, Teramo

Melchiorre Delfico (Montorio al Vomano 1744, Teramo 1835) was one of the most famous men of learning from Abruzzo in the whole Kingdom of Naples in the period of greatest cultural activities between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. He was a jurist, philosopher, economist, statesman and historian. Fervent follower of natural law thinkers, he learnt from the school of Neapolitan Enlightenment. His faith in the republican ideals led him to take a prominent role in the Jacobin government of 1799. He barely survived its fell. After a seven-year exile, he held again political positions in successive governments showing a clear reforming orientation.

A circle of famous humanists and professionals from Abruzzo developed around the figure of Delfico. He died in Teramo and was buried in the Cathedral. Today the elegant Delfico Palace, in the centre of Teramo, houses the Melchiorre Delfico Province Library.

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