Plate of Rapino

In the Grotta del Colle in Rapino, among other precious finds unearthed there, in 1841 also a 15x15cm-bronze plate with clear inscriptions in the Marrucino dialect was brought to light. The German historian Theodor Mommsen transcribed the plate, which was called Tabula Rapinensis and that goes back to the middle of the third century BC. The bronze prescribes institutional and ritual rules of a sacred offer of girls in honour and for the benefit of the goddess Ceria Jupiter, mother of the living world. Therefore it is also important in terms of anthropology, for the derivation of the Christian rite of the Procession of the Virgins to the Madonna del Carpino.

The Plate of Rapino was first sent to Berlin, and at the end of WWII, transferred to the Pushkin Museum in Moscow. However, it is disconcerting that there is no evidence of the actual location of the find, even in the event of a possible return to Abruzzo.

We of VisitAbruzzo are writing to the Pushkin Museum to inquire about the find, and ask for its eventual return to the Abruzzo’s community.

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