Social Wars

From 91 to 89 BC the Abruzzo region was the scene of the social wars fought by the Italic peoples against Rome. The Italics, assembled on the slopes of Mount Aquileio (today Queglia), between Pescosansonesco and Corvara, secured an alliance claiming the so-far-denied Roman citizenship. The nearby Corfinium was elected capital of the League called Italic, and the insurgents gave it a set of legal and administrative rules based on the Roman one. They also minted coins with the effigy of the League and the word “Italia”.

The fortunes of war at first smiled on to the peoples of Abruzzo led by Quintus Poppaedius Silo, but after Rome granted a partial and conditioned concession to the Italics, the league cracked. Weakened by defections, the Abruzzo Italics  were repeatedly defeated by Gaius Marius.

The war was lost, but a few years later Rome wisely extended full citizenship to all the peoples of Italy.

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