Raffaele Mattioli, Vasto

Raffaele Mattioli was born in Vasto on March 20, 1895. He was primarily a brave financier, but also a generous patron of the arts and an economist of study and action: a truly amazing figure.

Mattioli emerged in the world of banking under fascism which he never supported. He directed the Comit and laid the groundwork for Institutes of State Finances such as IRI and Mediobanca, engines of the post-war reconstruction.

During the dictatorial regime, Mattioli strove with discretion and intelligence to support especially the liberal anti-fascist currents but also the Marxist ones. In fact, thanks to its coverage the Gramsci’s notebooks were saved. He was a wide-ranging intellectual, a good friend of Benedetto Croce, Piero Sraffa and Carlo Emilio Gadda. He financed and morally supported the Enrico Mattei’s project on ENI.

Mattioli collected rare and valuable books especially on economics. Today this collection is the Raffaele Mattioli Library at the University of Milan. He died in Rome in 1973.

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