Bolognano, in the province of Pescara, is a village located in the Orta Valley regional reserve and in the Majella National Park, an area full of prehistoric sites deep in an amazing natural primordial-flavoured scenery, now famous for its excellent Zaccagnini wines.

On the outskirts of the village there are the Cave of Pigeons (Grotta dei Piccioni) and Dark Cave (Grotta Scura), frequented by humans since the Neolithic period (6,500 years ago), whose relics are displayed today in Chieti and Pescara’s museums. The canyon carved by the river conceals enchanting places such as the bridge of Luco, the rapids of Santa Lucia and especially the beautiful cistern. A few kilometers away there is the picturesque fortified hamlet of Musellaro. Other points of interest in Bolognano are the church of Sant’Antonio Abate and the church of Santa Maria Entroterra.

In 1984 the well-known German writer Joseph Beuys became an honorary citizen of Bolognano, where he had his own studio.

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