Bertrando Spaventa, Bomba

Bertrando Spaventa was born in Bomba in 1817 and was leader of the Neapolitan tradition of philosophers in the period of the Risorgimento and unification. He was the brother of Silvio, the famous patriot and statesman, as well as the uncle of Benedetto Croce.

Bertrando was initiated into the priesthood at the seminary of Chieti. He took the cassock but quitted it when it became clear that that life did not match his cultural interests.

Bertrando Spaventa introduced the Hegelianism in Italy and claimed the role played by Italian philosophers as inspirers of the European schools of thought. In this regard, he studied foreign texts in the original language to penetrate their philological sense. He was a proponent of the “ethical state” in a secular and liberal key. He taught at the University of Modena, Bologna and Naples. His literary production was enormous. He died in Naples in 1883.

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