Aesculapian snake

The Aesculapian snake (Zamenis longissimus) is the most widespread snake in Abruzzo. It is not uncommon to see it crawling in the fields or on the roads. Its dimensions are remarkable as it can be two meters long. The uniform colour has yellowish or olive shades, but the adult specimens appear all black, while the juveniles have the characteristic colours of grass snakes.

The Aesculapian snakes escape, but if provoked or attacked they react vigorously biting. The bite, however, can only be painful, being a non-venomous species.

Its food is typical of reptiles. It is a protected species but it is often flattened by cars because of its love for warm asphalt.

The photos of the two mating snakes were taken near Park Filiani, in Pineto.

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