Red kite

L’entroterra vastese è zona di alta concentrazione del rapace dalla coda di rondine: il nibbio.

The hinterland of Vasto is an area of ​​high concentration of kites.

To the careful observers is not difficult to spot them in this region, especially those belonging to the species Milvus milvus, the Red Kite.

The red kite, very similar to the black kite (Milvus migrans), is the largest of kites with its 1,5 m wingspan. It has a light brown plumage with a whitish stripe at the base of the flight feathers. Its reddish tail has a deep bifurcation. Females are slightly larger than males. In the spring, they lay three eggs on average. The hatching is staggered at intervals of weeks and the chicks are independent after four months.

The diet consists of small mammals, birds, dead animals, fish.

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