Vito Taccone, Avezzano

Vito Taccone (Avezzano, 1940-2007) was the first great cyclist from South Italy. He was loved for his humble origins and his determination, but criticized for some aspects of his full-blooded and cantankerous temper. He stepped into the sport limelight in 1961, the same year in which the other great cyclist from Abruzzo, Alessandro Fantini disappeared. But while Fantini was adopted by the Lombard cycling and grew up in that environment, Taccone was proudly rooted to his land.

With his skills as a climber and sprinter, Taccone won prestigious competitions and performed epic exploits, such as in the 1963’s Tour of Italy, when he won five stages, four of which consecutive.

The Abruzzo people have always praised Taccone and he is still in their hearts as the “Abruzzo chamois”.

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