Giulianova Paese

Giulianova Paese is located on the hill behind Giulianova Lido. Its history is very old. The Roman town Castrum Novum was already known as a station on Via Salaria and an equipped port at the mouth of the Tordino river. The city changed its name several times depending on events and dominations. It was named Castel San Flaviano in 1004 when the remains of the today’s saint patron were transferred there, then Julia in honour of the feudatory Giulio Antonio Acquaviva (1470), Giulia and finally Giulianova in 1900.

The past of Giulianova is testified by few sections of town walls with three towers (Tower The White, Tower North-East and Tower Porta Napoli or San Francesco), the Cathedral of San Flaviano, the ancient church of Santa Maria a Mare, the church of Sant’Antonio, the Shrine of Maria Santissima dello Splendore, the Church della Misericordia and the 14th century-ducal palace of Acquaviva in Piazza Buozzi. The impressive bronze monument to Vittorio Emanuele II in Piazza della Libertà was made by Raffaello Pagliaccetti.

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