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Complex of Santissima Annunziata, Sulmona

The complex of Santissima Annunziata is located in Sulmona. It is one of the most representative monuments of the city, a perfect combination of late Gothic and Renaissance forms. The church dates back to 1320, but the restorations after the …

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Andrea De Litio

Andrea De Litio is the most famous Renaissance painter of Abruzzo. It is believed that he was born in Lecce dei Marsi (AQ) in 1420, and died in Atri (TE) in 1492. The biography of De Litio is uncertain, but …

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In the Caldora Castle, Pacentro

The Caldora Castle in Pacentro houses a noticeable collection of arms and shields, remnants of its warlike past.

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Giulianova Paese

Giulianova Paese is located on the hill behind Giulianova Lido. Its history is very old. The Roman town Castrum Novum was already known as a station on Via Salaria and an equipped port at the mouth of the Tordino river. …

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Shrine of Andrea Bafile, Guardiagrele

The shrine of Andrea Bafile is located in Guardiagrele in Bocca di Valle. The mortal remains of Andrea Bafile (Monticchio di Bagno, October 7, 1878 – Basso Piave, 11 March 1918) rest in the sepulchre. Naval commander and war hero, …

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Tenuta i Fauri, Chieti

Tenuta i Fauri – Luigi Di Camillo winery – is located in Chieti in Strada Corta 9. The estate extends for thirty-five acres of vineyards nestled on the beautiful and fertile hills of Chieti between the Majella massif and the …

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