Farnese Castle, San Valentino in Abruzzo Citeriore

The Farnese castle or Farnese palace is located on the top of San Valentino in Abruzzo Citeriore. The original building dates back to the 13th century. It was renovated in the early ‘500 in Renaissance style under the counts Perigiis della Tolfa, as evidenced by the inscription in the elegant castle court, “Giacomo from Rome, owner of Tolfa, a descendant of Penatibus Frigiis, Count of San Valentino and Pianella, had this edifice built in the year of the Lord 1507.”

The castle took the name of the Farnese family in 1583 because it was purchased by Margaret of Austria, wife of Ottavio Farnese, a nobleman from Ortona. In 1784 it passed to Giuseppe Andrea Franchi and in the 19th century it was transformed into a prison. Its use for tourism would be desirable.

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