Ovid, Sulmona

Ovid (Publius Ovidio Naso) was a famous Roman poet, the youngest of the elegiac poets. He was born in Sulmona on March 20, 43 BC and died at Tomis, near the Black Sea, in 17 AD, where he was exiled probably for having had an illicit relationship with the daughter of the Emperor Augustus.

A scion of a rich family from Sulmona, Ovid moved to Rome when he was 12. Initiated into the political career, he excelled as a poet. Among his many works, Amores, Ars amatoria, Metamorphosis and Fasti stand out.

Ovid wrote of Sulmona: Sulmo mihi patria est, gelidis uberrimus undis, milia qui novies distat ab Urbe decem (Sulmona, my hometown, is full of cold water and is nine times ten miles far from Rome).

The statue of Ovid standing in Piazza XX Settembre in Sulmona is a 1925’s copy of the 1887’s monument in Costantia (Tomis) by the sculptor Ettore Ferrari.

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