Pescocostanzo, one of the most Beautiful Italian Villages, is located in the Province of L’Aquila, at 1.400 m above sea level. It overlooks the upland of Quarto Grande. Founded in 10th century, the village was restored by Lombard architects after the devastating earthquake of 1456. In 1774 it became Universitas Sui Domina, a status which favoured a further flowering of local culture and crafts, especially in the manufacturing of filigree.

Main places of interest are the Basilica of Santa Maria del Colle, the churches of Santa Maria delle Grazie, Santa Maria del Carmine, San Giovanni Battista and Sant’Antonio abbot, the convent of Gesù e Maria, Grilli and Fanzago palaces.

Near Pescocostanzo there is the monumental forest of Sant’Antonio.

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