How to go to Abruzzo?

Abruzzo is historically considered a land difficult to be reached. In 19th century, foreign travellers from the North European bourgeoisie went to Italy for cultural trips in the history and views of the Beautiful Country. Usually the routes of those Grand Tours coasted the Tyrrhenian Sea and regularly excluded the Adriatic coast. Abruzzo was depicted like a wild land, encircled by the walls of the Apennines, crossed by dusty roads full of holes, inhabited by proud and “primitive” peoples. Despite the proximity of Rome, the only real road connection was the wild Roman via Tiburtina-Valeria that crossed the Fucino, Sulmona and Chieti to Pescara-Castellamare Adriatico.

Today, luckily, modern ways and means of transport have made accessible even the “remote” Abruzzo, according to the stories of the 19th century’s foreign travellers. If it is unfortunately true that the railway connection Rome-Pescara is still inadequate, with an average travelling time of 4.30 h, the bus connection along the same route is fast and reliable (on average, a travelling time of 2.30 h), thanks to Arpa and Prontobus (the latter connects the main Abruzzo cities to the airports in Rome). Except for the port of Ortona, the condition of the sea stopovers for tourism is not good because of the current unavailability of the trade port of Pescara. But the Adriatic railway and especially the Abruzzo International Airport provide excellent connections to the rest of Italy, Europe and the world. The most busy flughts are: London Stansted, Barcelona Girona, Bergamo Orio al Serio, Bruxelles Charleroi, Frankfurt Hahn, Milan Linate and Paris Beauvai.

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