Blue shark

The blue shark (Prionace glauca) is a shark of the Carcharhinidae family. It can reach a length of 4 m and a weight of 200 kg, though in the Adriatic there are usually smaller sized specimens. It has a hydrodynamic body with a blue-grey back and a white underside, a tapered head and a large mouth, provided with triangular teeth. A characteristic of the blue shark is its tail, whose superior lobe is 4 times longer than the inferior one. This shark is spread in all temperate and tropical waters. It feeds on fish, squid, and sea birds. While mating, the male bits repeatedly the female, protected by a skin far thicker than its partner’s. The blue shark is viviparous and gives birth to 25-100 pups after a gestation of 9-12 months. It is a curious shark, but very prudent and very seldom attacks on humans.

In their cruelty, these photos of a little blue shark dead in a net and showed-off as a trophy give us a better view of the physical features of this wonderful animal threatened with extinction by overfishing.

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