Kentish plover

The Kentish plover (Charadrius Alexandrinus) is a small thin-billed and long-legged wader long about 16 cm. The plumage of upper parts is light brown, while the under parts are white. The black mask across the eyes and two black spots on its breast are additional features.

The Kentish plover lives on the coast and in the marshy areas of Europe, Asia, Northern and Western Africa. It is migratory. It breeds on sandy coasts in a ground scrape and usually lays 3 eggs that hatch after 24 days. Nestlings are able to fly at the age of 25 days. The Kentish plover lives on insects, worms, crustaceans and shellfish that he finds on the shore. When a predator comes near the nest, the adults pretend to be wounded in order to draw the intruders off the eggs or the nestlings.

In Abruzzo the Kentish plover lives and breeds on sandy beaches in spring and summer time. Despite the EU Directive on the wild birds protects it, this species is endangered by the coastal depletion due to urban and tourist activities.

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