Avezzano (about 42.000 inhabitants) is located in the Province of L’Aquila at 695 m above sea level. It is the capital of Marsica, an area including the drained basin of the Fucine lake and a wide strip of land all round it.

In the history of the city, periods of high immigrations, such as those following the battle of Tagliacozzo (1268) and the divisions into lots after the drainage of the lake (1875), alternated with sad and devastating events that have mostly decimated the population: in January 1915, a terrifying earthquake hit the whole Marsica. Avezzano was also one of the heaviest bombed cities during WWII.

The Cathedral of Marsi and the church of San Giovanni Decollato are the main places of worship. The Orsini castle is well kept, while the Torlonia Park, the pine forest and the Nature Reserve of Monte Salviano, wherein the shrine of Madonna di Pietraquaria is situated, give a green outlook to the city.

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