Park Filiani, Pineto

Planted by Luigi Corrado Filiani in the ’30s to drain the old clay quarry, Park Filiani opened in Pineto on 21/11/10 after 5 years work. It is a real ecological monument made possible by the brilliant establishment of Pineto and by the funds from Abruzzo Government and the Province of Teramo.

The Park can be considered a real botanic garden in which the main arboreal species are represented (such as holm-oaks, pines, Atlantic and Lebanese cedars, ash trees, etc.), according to the wise project of agronomists, naturalists, architects and engineers. In addition, the green area has been made to reclaim the disruption of the hill covered by the most of the park’s 4 hectares. Foxes, badgers, hedgehogs and many bird species are the fauna of Filani Park.

A special praise goes to Pineto Municipality which, after the set up of the Tower of Cerrano Marine Protected Area, distinguishes itself once more in the protection of the environmental quality of its land, in addition to supply excellent tourist services. Our wish is that other municipalities of Abruzzo coast are following Pineto’s example, instead of being allured by disfiguring urban and building projects.

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